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Great wines since 1987

Giuliano Ormenese, the owner, is proud to propose his high-quality wines, created from a scrupulous selection of grapes, from the best years, in the vineyards around Veneto and Friuli, disposed thanks to the nature and exhibition of the terrain.
It is possible to rediscover, in all of his wines, the close relationship between the family traditions in wine-production with the terrain, together with a continuous research regarding the technological improvements and innovations.
The enthusiasm, the patience and the constant commitment makes him the spokesperson, through his products, for a message of quality and simplicity.


The origins

Giuliano Ormenese comes from a three-generation wine-makers family. At the age of twelve he followed the father Leo, the grandfather Angelo and the great grandfather Bepi on the terrains cultivated by them which were of the Malipiero and that were found in the same name location “Ca’ Malipiero”.
In 1970, in his own wine cellars of Fossalta, he started, together with the father, a small productions of wine, which were the outcome of meticulous researches between the variety of the grapes in the Triveneto, also the less known, like the Grappariol or the white Rabosino, the Perera and the Verdisa.
In 1987, taking advantage from their experiences, they established a real winery. The headquarters was and is located at Palazzo Bortolozzi Marini, a Venetian house from the XVIII century, situated on the Lampol bay of the Piave river and miraculously avoided from the destruction of the great war.




Quality as a principle


Still today Villa Canthus is managed by the family, produces and bottles, in a limited measure, a range of products which are the outcome of a meticulous and methodic research for the high quality and space from white and red wines of the Triveneto till the red wine reserve, to sparkling wine and to straw wine.




Villa Canthus


Via Passo Lampol, 17

30020 Fossalta di Piave


Phone & Fax: 0421.679911